The Dalek Owners Club

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We welcome enquiries from venues which may be suitable for hosting a Dalek gathering, such as museums, galleries and other places which have wide, open areas and easy access for our Daleks.

During the summer months, we also attend outdoor events, so long as the surfaces are suitable and provision is made for sheltering the Daleks and operators, if it rains.

Daleks cost a lot to build, and to transport. It would be appreciated if the operators could be looked after in terms of safe and fairly convenient parking, a safe haven to retreat to during the day, somewhere public-free to store the Daleks and personal belongings, and some free refreshments.

"Free entry" isn't quite enough to pay back the Dalek operators for their time, expense and wear-n-tear on their Daleks. Travel expenses are always appreciated. Daleks require minders to protect them from the public (while being operated). Members perform this function, but you could help by making it clear to staff (and the public) that the Dalek owners would prefer not to have their Daleks damaged. Providing some back-up protection will increase the likelihood that the Dalek operators would want to attend another event that you have organized.

Daleks are a big attraction for an event. Dalek operators don't charge you anything, but often spend a lot in support of your event/charity. Please show your appreciation by treating them well.

Venues which charge the public for access should not use our services to help boost their attendance and/or profits. This is against our policy and may also be in contravention of copyright laws. However, a charging venue may still invite us, so long as any profits generated by our presence, above the normal expected amount for that day, are donated to charity.