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Bringing Owners And Clubs Together...

The Dalek Owners Club has evolved gradually from small beginnings, as an unnamed spin off section on another Dalek web site, between June 2005 and December 2009. In 2010 it became a fully fledged club, ready for the sping eventing season. The Dalek Owners Club is a non-profit making group for owners of full size, replica Dalek props.

Most of our members' Daleks have been built by their owners, over many months (and in some cases, years). The Dalek Owners Club is here to cater for all those people who have Daleks but want to do more with them than simply put them on display. We are here to make Dalek ownership more exciting and fulfilling.

Our aim is to give our members the opportunity to meet up and enjoy the experience of owning and operating the Dalek that they spent so much time and effort making. Operating and 'playing the part' of a Dalek; interacting with other members' Daleks and with the public can be an enjoyable pastime. We aim to make this activity even more worthwhile by collecting for charity.

Our regional group members collect for a wide range of charities. At a charity organised event, they will be busy collecting for that specific charity. At non-charity events, they will collect for the charity of their choice. Details of supported charities can be found on their web sites. See our members page for links and details.


The Dalek Owners Club supports

BBC Children In Need

... and collects for this charity at its official 'in house' meets and events.


To find out where our members' Daleks are appearing, please see the Events News page.




The Dalek Groups

There are numerous regional Dalek owners groups, throughout the UK, many of which attend events and collect money for charity.

These groups often have a small number of regular members but need more Daleks, from time to time when the eventing season is busy and double bookings occur.


The Dalek Owners Club is here to bring these groups together, under a common 'umbrella' and help facilitate interaction and co-operation.

Being part of the Dalek Owners Club means that regional club members can interact, liaise and swap members, information, ideas and resources.


Having Fun

The Club makes no distinction between private or regional group members. This encourages friendships and cooperation.

We just want everyone to interact and have fun... and everyone definitely gets to have fun when they come together at one of the official Dalek Owners Club events!

Each Other

In some cases our members are not part of any other specific Dalek eventing group. They just want to get out there and enjoy themselves, in their Daleks, when an event is announced.

These members often help out the regional groups by boosting their numbers, whether it be as Dalek operators or Dalek minders.